Cancer awareness survey in Camden

Camden residents are being asked to complete a cancer awareness survey to help improve uptake of screening - and ultimately ensure more local people get the treatment they might need sooner. 

Over the next three months, residents in Camden, Islington and Haringey will be invited to complete the survey, as part of work by the North Central and East London Cancer Alliance to help improve awareness of cancer across these three boroughs.

Increasing knowledge of cancer is important to improve uptake of screening programmes and awareness of signs and symptoms. Uptake of screening programmes can help spot cancer even before symptoms appear. Early detection of cancer also means treatment is more likely to be successful.

This survey will help us to understand how aware our residents are of cancer - including causes, signs, symptoms and screening. We are looking for all adult residents in the borough to take part in this survey, to make sure we get the best picture of cancer awareness in our community.

Once the survey has closed, we’ll use what you tell us to help understand how we can improve awareness of cancer, and to inform what areas we focus on when communicating with residents. We really appreciate people taking the time to complete this survey.