Camden’s response to Kingsgate Community Association confirming liquidation

Camden Council is committed to supporting both its residents and voluntary and community sector through hard times as we continue to respond to Covid-19. It will do everything within its power to support its voluntary groups to deliver for Camden and remain independent, financially-viable organisations.

Despite the best efforts of its current board of trustees and the council, Kingsgate Community Association has taken the difficult decision to go into liquidation. This means that the charity will no longer deliver community activities at Kingsgate Community Centre and that the nursery will not reopen. You can read Kingsgate Community Association's statement on their website.

Camden Council retains ownership of the Kingsgate Community Centre building and is determined to ensure it will continue to be used to help the local community. The Council and voluntary and community sector will work with the centre to ensure support in place for both its users and parents of children who formerly attended the nursery in order to find a new place for their child. Key information on childcare options is given below.

Camden Council has been working closely with all its voluntary and community sector partners during this difficult time. It would like to publically acknowledge the huge efforts of Kingsgate Community Association’s current board of trustees since they took over the running of the centre in 2019.

Very sadly, the charity’s financial model is not now sustainable on an ongoing basis as it is reliant on revenue gained from letting out space in the community centre, which has not been possible during lockdown and is not possible for the foreseeable future due to the public health implications of the pandemic.

Supporting our voluntary and community sector

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, Camden’s voluntary sector has proved what an integral role it plays in Camden life. It has stepped up during the pandemic to provide essential services across a whole range of areas. An outstanding example is the way it has worked with the Council to provide over 400,000 meals to residents in need.

This contribution is something Camden Council is determined to back and preserve. The council’s backing includes:

  • An investment of more than £5million, including a £2million Strategic Partnership Fund, into Camden’s voluntary sector, which makes up one of the largest, long-term packages of support in the country.
  • Short-term interventions to help the sector survive during the pandemic. The council has provided rent support to voluntary sector partners and flexible terms for dealing with any arrears.
  • The council is also assisting all our partners with additional advice and governance to ensure that they can best manage and sustain their own organisations, so they can continue to be there for our communities.

Councillor Anna Wright, newly appointed Cabinet Member for Promoting Neighbourhoods and Communities, said: “Kingsgate Community Association were a highly valued and respected community partner – and their services meant a huge amount to our communities. Today is a really sad day and is yet another reminder of the economic as well as the health impacts of the pandemic.

“My message to all our residents and voluntary and community organisations at this uncertain time is that Camden is committed to supporting you through these hard times as we continue to respond to Covid-19.”

Nursery information

Camden Council’s website has information on the nursery service in Camden. Many of our nurseries are open in September with the relevant protective measures in place.

  • Langtry Nursery: 020 7974 3252
  • Regents Park Children’s Centre: 020 7974 8934
  • Harmood Children’s Centre: 020 7974 8961
  • Agar Children’s Centre: 020 7974 4789
  • Gospel Oak Nursery: 020 7974 3484
  • 1A Children’s Centre: 020 7974 7038
  • Konstam Nursery: 020 7974 3721
  • Hampden Nursery: 020 7974 2841.

Kilburn Grange Children’s Centre remains closed due to building works but is due to reopen for a range of Sure Start services early in the autumn.