Camden’s food waste challenge rewards residents who reduce their food waste

Camden Council has teamed up with specialist recycling reward scheme provider, Local Green Points, to launch its brand new food waste challenge. The challenge will offer advice and strategies for residents in the borough to waste less food and save themselves money.

Since its launch in October 2016, Camden Recycling Rewards has been rewarding Camden residents for recycling more and producing less household waste. Camden’s food waste challenge aims to reduce household waste even further, by rewarding residents with individual and community prizes for cutting down their food waste.

According to WRAP (the Waste and Resources Action Programme), the average household throws away £60-worth of food every month. That adds up to a staggering £700 a year. The food waste challenge will show residents that they can dramatically cut down their food waste by everyday actions such as storing food correctly, understanding date labels, portion control, planning meals and using up leftovers.

Residents who sign up to the challenge will make pledges about reducing their food waste and earn ‘green points’ for sticking to them. The green points will help residents win prizes for themselves and money for local charities through the Camden Recycling Rewards scheme leader boards.

To take part in the food waste challenge, residents need to be signed up to Camden Recycling Rewards, which they can do for free at camden.gov.uk/recyclingrewards.

Councillor Adam Harrison, Cabinet Member for Improving Camden's Environment
“I’m pleased that we can offer the food waste challenge to Camden Recycling Rewards members and hope it will encourage more residents to sign up to the scheme too. Cutting down on food waste is a key part of our strategy for reducing the amount of waste we send for disposal.” 
Councillor Adam Harrison, Cabinet Member for Improving Camden's Environment