Camden’s first Open Data Challenge

On Thursday 23 March 2017, we will be launching our first Open Data Challenge to create a new website or app using the data available on Open Data Camden.

We have nearly 300 different sets of data available on Open Data Camden featuring information on everything from parking bays and planning applications to housing stock and road accidents. This data has the potential to change lives and so we are hosting this challenge to help unlock its potential.

We are looking for coders, developers, designers, programmers, data enthusiasts and anyone else who feels they can make a difference in Camden, to dig deep into our open data and uncover new innovations that could improve the everyday lives of our residents. 

We’re kicking off the Camden Open Data Challenge with a meet-up on Thursday 23 March, hosted by Councillor Theo Blackwell, the Council’s Cabinet Member for Finance, Technology and Growth and leading advocate of open data in local government. We’ll introduce our open data programme, agree the challenge(s) and discuss how we can work together to tackle them. 

We want to build a network of civic coders collaborating with us to get the most out of the wealth of open data we’re releasing.

If you think you have what it takes to turn Camden's open data into an innovative website or app and are interested in taking part in the event, register your interest here.