Camden’s Cabinet approve closure of St Dominic’s School

Yesterday (Wednesday 29 March), the Council’s Cabinet agreed a proposal to close St Dominic’s Catholic Primary School.

The closure, which will formally take effect on 31 August 2023, was proposed by the Governing Body of St Dominic’s School, in Southampton Road NW5, following a steep fall in pupil numbers affecting the future viability of the school.

A six-week consultation into the school’s closure took place from October 2022 with parents, staff and the wider community, and the school’s Governing Body published a Statutory Notice to propose closure of the school in January 2023.

Councillor Marcus Boyland, Cabinet Member for Best Start for Children and Families

St Dominic’s Catholic Primary School is a much-valued member of the Camden family of schools which, unfortunately, has seen a significant reduction in pupil numbers over several years. Despite steps taken by the school to increase enrolment, there is still a huge challenge of falling pupil numbers locally and across London. This is adding significant financial pressure on the school and why the Governing Body took the decision to propose closure of the school.

All pupils will be offered places at alternative local schools, including local Catholic schools, and we want to reassure parents that the school will continue to offer all pupils a high-quality education until its closure. Our priority is to support families through this process, including covering the cost of new uniforms, no matter which schools pupils transfer to, and ensuring pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) continue to get the tailored support and education they need. We will also be supporting teachers through these changes.

We are committed to supporting our family of schools through the challenge of falling pupil numbers, and we’re working closely with them and Diocesan partners to make changes that, whilst difficult, would achieve a better balance between the number of places and the number of pupils, securing a sustainable future for our schools.

Councillor Marcus Boyland, Cabinet Member for Best Start for Children and Families

At the start of the community consultation, the school had a total of 121 pupils on roll and 89 vacant places, which is one the highest proportions of spare places in Camden.

All pupils are guaranteed the continuation of their education within a Camden school. The Council and Diocese will work with all parents to look at the available options for school places, including local Catholic provision.

Read the full Cabinet report.

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