CamdenAbility Project open for referrals

The CamdenAbility Project supports Camden residents with long term health conditions or disabilities other than mental health problems into full time employment.

In partnership with the Business Disability Forum, we are working with employers on the CamdenAbility Network to increase the local jobs market for disabled candidates and create a network of disability-aware employers in the borough.

Our candidates get job-focused employment support from a specialist workplace coordinator to overcome barriers to opportunities. Working with employers to advise and tailor their recruitment processes, we ensure our candidates have fair access to unique and bespoke opportunities, supporting them through their journey and assisting with any post-employment needs.

We are actively working on live vacancies, so please refer candidates who are able to work – with reasonable adjustments – have a CV and an idea of what kind of work they are looking for.

To refer a resident or discuss this opportunity please email Parma Sira at [email protected]