Camden Youth Safety Week – multi-media creative competition

Camden Youth Safety Week, from 10 to 16 February 2020, will be a call to action for everyone in Camden.

To help get Youth Safety Week underway, the Council has launched a multi-media competition, which is open to children and young people in primary and secondary schools - mainly those aged 9 to 18 - and Camden youth centres. The competition - with prizes for both individuals and their school or centre (details below) - is also open to Camden residents aged up to 25 with learning disabilities, as well as Camden looked-after children or care leavers.

There are two age categories:

  • Under 11 (primary school age)
  • 11 to 18 (secondary and 6th form or college age) - up to 25 with learning disabilities, or young people who are looked-after children or care leavers.

All entries must be by the child or young person, in partnership with their school, youth centre or community space (i.e. a pupil and their school, a youth centre user and their centre, etc).

Entries opened on 7 October and close on Sunday 15 December 2019 (note: deadline now extended by one month).

The winning entries will be announced during the week beginning 16 December. All entrants will be invited to a launch event during this week where the winner will announced.

Criteria for entries:

  • Overall: A creative or multi-media project on a theme of ‘keeping children and young people in Camden safe’ and ‘children and young people’s safety’ – this can be interpreted widely and is not limited to knife crime or youth violence
  • Subject: The following are the main areas we want you to cover: safety on the streets, young people and knife crime, drugs and knife crime, exploitation of young people by gangs, why young people are carrying knives, things that keep young people safe (schools, youth centres, good family relationships, friendships, job opportunities etc.), relationship with the police (stop and search), consequences of joining a gang or carrying a knife, how children and young people feel about what is happening on our streets right now
  • Medium: Can be in a visual or written format, including a poem, play or short story (no more than 3,000 words ideally), spoken word or performance (e.g. video of performance poetry or short drama), artwork (two dimensional drawing, painting, collage, 3D sculpture or relief – must be portable), film (animation, drama or documentary no longer than 15 minutes) or photography
  • Suitability: Although this is about sensitive subjects, including violence, the content needs to be suitable to be read or watched by children and young people under the age of 16. Therefore, use of graphic violence and bad language may mean your entry is not considered. Please use your creativity to get your message across – you can be controversial and provocative as long as you are also thought-provoking and sensitive.

Please email your entries to [email protected] - either as an attachment or with a link to where it is published online. Please note all competition entries may be shown during Youth Safety Week.


The overall winning entry will be displayed via posters and / or social media throughout Camden during Youth Safety Week to raise awareness.

In addition, the overall winner will receive a main prize of £900 for their school or youth centre, plus £100 worth of vouchers for the individual student or young person.There will be two smaller prizes of £50 vouchers for the individuals in each age category and £200 for their school or youth centre.