Camden Work and Wellbeing

Camden Work and Wellbeing is a new innovative project supporting local people with common mental health conditions to find work. The project works by also providing onward advice and guidance to employers. One organisation that has recently benefitted in accessing new talent is Mecca Bingo.

Anna was referred to Future Path, one of the partners delivering the pilot, suffering from anxiety, isolation and depression after being out of work for three years. She was assigned a coach, who met with her at least once a week and provided one-to-one support to her in preparing her for employment. The coach looked to understand her future plans and the type of role she would be comfortable in.

When an opportunity arose at Mecca Bingo, the coach first arranged for Anna to complete a work trial with the employer to allow them to see her skills and commitment. The role itself was offered with the flexibility of either part-time or full-time hours. This provided Anna with the ability to ease her way back into the workplace.

Future Path’s coach also introduced himself to Anna’s line manager and explained the ongoing support available to the organisation and her, to help her to remain in employment. Now more than three months in the new role, Anna’s mental health has considerably improved, and she has recently moved to a full time position with her employer.

Find out more about how Camden’s Work and Wellbeing partners, Future Path and Hillside Clubhouse can help you recruit and support fresh talent in your organisation.