Camden STEAM work experience week a huge success as over 250 students take part

From 10 to 14 July, Camden STEAM teamed up with world-leading companies and institutions, including Google, the British Library, Cadent Gas and Arup to deliver work experience placements for over 250 students. 

This year’s work experience week was the most successful yet with over 250 Year 12 students from across Camden’s secondary schools and colleges taking part.

Organised by Camden’s STEAM team, the work experience programme aims to provide local students with hands-on experience at a range of top STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) employers across the borough including Camden Council services, Lendlease, Bennett Associates and more, and help young people gain key skills needed to help them in a future career.

During the week, Google hosted over 100 young people for the fourth year at their headquarters in King’s Cross, giving students the chance to work closely with mentors and architects and collaborate on the new Google building, which is taking shape near to their current offices.

Global property development company, Lendlease, also opened their doors to students to learn about the different roles from engineering, architecture and software designers.

Moonbug Entertainment provided students with an incredible opportunity to explore creative roles, from scriptwriting to digital design and giving students insight into storyboard design and music creation.

Our priority as a Council is to give our young people the very best start in life and the tools to succeed in the future. Camden STEAM’s work experience programme is a brilliant way of connecting young people to the many world-leading companies we have in the borough, playing a significant role in shaping the futures of the participating students and supporting them to learn more about Camden's thriving STEAM economy.

Dinah Caine, Chair of Camden STEAM

A huge thank you to everyone involved in making this programme such a great success. To the dedicated career leads and teachers who encouraged students to sign up and helped them prepare for these invaluable placements; to the employers for their commitment to designing and delivering such diverse and impactful work experience placements for a large number of students; and to partners Speakers for Schools, who provided essential support in the administration of the week. From promotion and recruitment to monitoring student attendance throughout the week, their contributions ensured the smooth delivery of this transformative programme which will make a huge difference to so many young people in Camden. 

We want to go even bigger and better next year and we are calling on more local businesses to come forward and be a part of the Camden STEAM programme to offer work experience opportunities to support even more students in the borough.

Dinah Caine, Chair of Camden STEAM

These work experience placements were part of the Camden STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/Creativity and Maths) initiative to give local young people the best skills and opportunities so they can learn from and then perhaps work in the borough’s thriving creative, digital and scientific economy.

With the support of Camden businesses and institutions, a total of 17 different work experience placements were made available to the students. These placements included a broad range of STEAM employers and institutions - Google, Lendlease, Camden Spark, Camden Council Inclusive Economy Team, Camden Council Digital Services, Hoare Lea, BAM Nuttall, Bennetts Associates, British Library, Moonbug, SCS JV, St George, LabTech, Models 1, British Land, Arup, and Cadent Gas.

To contact the Camden STEAM team, email: [email protected].

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