Camden School for Girls help re-energise Camden

Head Girl, Rachael Allen, and two year 10 students, Freya Rose Hann and Micah Sami, from Camden School for Girls, teamed up with local businesses, schools and community groups at the Re-energising Camden event, held on 28 January, to explore and develop low carbon energy projects in the borough.

Camden School for Girls has been developing a solar project on their school roof and is now looking to partner with local businesses who have a commitment to sustainability and who are able to help with the next stage of their carbon reduction plans.

Opening the Re-energising Camden event Councillor Sally Gimson, Cabinet Member for Sustainability and Environment said:

“My vision for Camden is that we develop a more circular economy which has green energy and clean air at its heart: that we use the resources that we have in this borough well: this means putting to good use our empty roofs, the food we don’t eat, the general waste we create and that enormous amount of heat we generate just by living and working every day.

“The feedback we’ve received from the event has been great and we will be working hard to support schools, businesses and community groups to develop their community energy projects over the coming months.”

Hosted by Arup and sponsored by 10:10 and the Centre for Sustainable Energy, other attendees included; Power Up North London (a Camden based community group), JoJu Solar (a local solar business), Alara Wholefoods (a sustainable food manufacturer), the Camden Climate Change Alliance (a business-led carbon reduction network) and Project Dirt (a green social network connecting groups, businesses and individuals in Camden).

To get involved in Re-energising Camden, visit the Project Dirt website and become a member of the ‘Re-energising Camden’ project.