Camden Private Renters – a new website for people who privately rent in Camden

The new site makes it easier for people who privately rent in Camden to find out information and advice – all in one place. It includes advice from what to look for in a property, talking to your landlord about repairs to dealing with threats of eviction. 

One third of households privately rent and unfortunately many experience problems with their landlords. A recent survey of private tenants highlighted that 55% of respondents said that the issues they raised were not fixed. This included problems with gas and electric, mould and heating.

We want private tenants to have safe and decent homes and to know where to go for advice if they are experiencing poor housing conditions. The new dedicated website, Camden Private Renters, provides essential information and guidance, to help private tenants before they move into a new home, during their tenancy and at the end of their tenancy.

If you rent privately in Camden and need help and support on any housing issues, we’re here to help. Visit or email [email protected]