Camden Magazine distribution

The May edition of the Camden Magazine was scheduled for distribution from May 10th onwards. It is clear from the content of the foreword that there was absolutely no intention for this publication to be distributed before the election.

Due to a serious communication error between our printer and distribution company, some magazines were delivered a week early, contrary to our clear instructions.

We are confident that the content of magazine does not breach the Local Government Code of Practice on Publicity, even given that we are in the pre-election period. However, during this period we have gone beyond the rules (see for example our April edition) and therefore in line with this decision, the distribution of the May edition has been immediately stopped and magazines have been withdrawn from public places. Distribution will recommence on the 10th in accordance with our original instructions.

Whilst we are content that no rules have been broken, we take this matter very seriously given the failure to follow our clear instructions and are investigating the detail as to how it happened as a matter of urgency.