Camden Living Rent Week

We’re providing affordable rented housing for people living and working in Camden

We know that many people in Camden struggle to afford private rents and may not qualify for a council home.

This week we will be talking about how Camden Living, our new housing company, is tackling this issue and what we’re doing to provide more affordable housing to rent.

Camden Living homes

We’re providing homes at lower rents. Our Camden Living homes allow teachers, nurses and others earning around £30,000 to £40,000 to afford to rent in Camden.

Harriet – NHS nurse

Harriet Hat, who recently moved into one of the new homes at Maiden Lane, was on the verge of leaving London because of bad experiences renting, but thanks to Camden Living she was able to stay in Camden.

“I feel like I’ve actually got a home now, it’s just amazing to have my own space. The rent is really reasonable and we’ve actually got money that we can spend on other things. I feel secure and don’t feel like I will need to move again anytime soon. I’m also looking forward to spending time in the local community.”

“I work at St Pancras Hospital as a nurse, so living close to the hospital makes the world of difference.”

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We plan to build 300 Camden Living homes through our Community Investment Programme.

Find out about applying for the homes we’re building. All current Camden Living properties have been let.

We also work with housing associations, including Origin Housing, Octavia House and One Housing Group to provide a range of low cost housing options. Find out about different schemes and homes available to rent.