Camden Learning helps drive collaboration and improvement in schools

Camden Learning is a new education partnership created for the benefit of children and schools.

It enables local schools, which are members of Camden Learning, to work together for the good of their pupils – sharing expertise in teaching and learning to drive improvement across the borough.

Camden Learning is a limited company, set up as a joint venture between local schools and the Council. Building on our strong relationships with schools to create more innovative connections, Camden Learning works with schools to improve teaching and learning while sharing responsibility for the achievement of children and the excellence of all schools.

Although other education partnerships have been set up across London, the depth and degree of collaboration in Camden goes way beyond what exists in other parts of the capital or the country. Ninety-six per cent of Camden schools are currently rated either ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted, which is 10% above the national average. We have more than twice as many outstanding primary schools (40%) compared with the rest of the country.

Former Ofsted Chief Inspector Christine Gilbert, who is Chair of Camden Learning, said: “By harnessing the talent and potential of those who work in our schools, we are sharing learning and creating better and more innovative practice in our classrooms. Although much remains to be done, we have shown that bringing teachers, headteachers and other education professionals together can make a real difference to children in our schools.”

Developing inspiring teaching and learning through school-led hubs has been a priority. There are 10 learning hubs running this year, covering key areas ranging from primary reading assessment and secondary maths to music learning, early years education and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths).

Well over three quarters (87%) of Camden schools participated in at least one learning hub last year, with some schools taking part in more than one. Yesterday (Thursday, 24 January) Camden Learning held its first AGM where the Annual Review 2017-18 was agreed and board members reappointed.

And today (Friday, 25 January) Camden Learning's Managing Director Jon Abbey joined the panellists at a STEAM Hub event for teachers and headteachers at the Wellcome Trust, Euston Road, which was also attended by high-profile speakers from the worlds of the arts, business and science.

Nicholas John, Headteacher of Acland Burghley School, said: “What’s good about Camden Learning is that it’s innovative, collaborative, sustainable – and it’s local.”

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