Camden Leader urges HS2 protesters to leave tunnels at Euston Square Gardens

As protesters remain underground at the HS2 Rebellion protest site in Euston Square Gardens, Cllr Georgia Gould, Leader of Camden Council, is urging protesters to leave the tunnels and calls on the authorities dealing with the crisis to take no action that will endanger the lives of those who remain at the site.

Councillor Georgia Gould, Leader of Camden Council
I am urging the protesters at Euston Square Gardens to come out from the tunnels and would ask the Police to re-commit to not arresting anyone who leaves. I believe in the right to peaceful protest, and as Leader of the Council I have expressed my deep reservations about the impact of HS2 to Camden, and I support the right of citizens in our Borough to make their voices heard, and to take non-violent action to bring attention to causes they are passionate about.

However I am deeply concerned about the risk to the health and lives of these protesters in these tunnels – from gas and electricity supplies, from the risk of tunnel collapse and from living underground for prolonged periods. I would urge everyone still at the site in Euston Square Gardens to leave the tunnel, make themselves safe and ensure that their voices continue to be heard in the national discussion about HS2 and the climate and ecological crisis.

While Camden council has no direct role in this and we were not aware these tunnels were being built, we continue to speak to the police and landowners and to urge the authorities dealing with this crisis to take no action that endangers lives and continue to encourage people to safely leave the tunnels.
Councillor Georgia Gould, Leader of Camden Council