Camden is future-proofing its libraries with a £1.5m investment

Camden is committed to keeping its libraries open and has made the commitment to invest £1.5 million to ensure all libraries in the borough continue to thrive.

Over the next year Camden will be investing in the latest digital technology in all libraries across the borough. This includes installing brand new PCs, new self-service kiosks to make access to library services quicker and easier and upgrading computer networks, with faster internet connection.

This investment will help to address the digital divide in Camden, enabling frontline staff to work with more vulnerable residents and encourage non-users to engage with libraries. The libraries are open to everyone and enable those from highly disadvantaged backgrounds who may not have computer facilities or broadband at home to complete homework, access jobs and government online services.

These improvements will give everyone in the borough access to high quality digital services, as part of the council’s commitment to making sure no one in Camden gets left behind.

Libraries are a vital space within our neighbourhoods; they provide members of the community with spaces to learn, join in with activities, work and socialise.

Despite the continuing financial challenge we are facing as a council, we are dedicated to keeping our libraries open and ensuring they thrive in the future. Our investment will ensure that our residents can access the latest technology, helping to develop skills for the future.
Councillor Jonathan Simpson, Cabinet Member for Promoting Culture and Communities

As part of Camden’s commitment to libraries, residents will be asked for their views to ensure libraries are meeting the needs of local communities. These conversations will assist in creating spaces in Camden libraries that the community can share and use in new ways.

You can join at any Camden library by showing proof of your name and current address.

To find out more about Camden’s libraries, including opening times visit:

Additional information:

  • April 2019: introduction of new all-in-one printing, scanning and copying machines accessible from phone, tablet or laptop.
  • Summer 2019: phased installation of brand new PCs.
  • Autumn 2019: installation of new self-service kiosks to make accessing library services quicker and easier.
  • End of 2019: computer network upgrade, with faster internet access.