Camden Faith Leaders’ Forum – Statement on Ukraine

Camden is a borough of diversity, a borough that extends a warm welcome, and a borough that pulls together to support those in need.  

We have a long history of providing sanctuary to people fleeing conflict from across the world. In the last century we welcomed Jewish refugees fleeing Nazis and pogroms, Somalis seeking refuge and Kosovans and others escaping conflict in the Balkans. In more recent times we have welcomed refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and now we are preparing to welcome refugees from Ukraine.

Over 3 million people have fled Ukraine since 24th February 2022 and a further 2 million have been displaced within the country. The European Union estimates that the total number of refugees could climb to 7 million and the UN's High Commission for Refugees estimates that 12 million people inside Ukraine will need assistance.

Camden’s faith and community organisations continue to respond to the humanitarian call to action, building on the strength of our civil society and communities, offering shelter and in-kind support, donating to humanitarian efforts and supporting Camden’s local resettlement response.

If you are able to, we would encourage you to:

Phil Rosenberg

Co-Chair of Camden Faith Leaders’ Forum