Camden exempts 12,000 lowest income households from Council Tax

Camden Council has committed to make the Council Tax system fairer for the lowest income residents of the borough.

Camden's new Council Tax reduction scheme will ensure that the very poorest households do not have to pay Council Tax. From April 2017, all households on low incomes can apply for 100% financial support for Council Tax depending on their incomes. This will contribute to the council’s goal to reduce child poverty in the borough by reducing the financial burden of 6,747 families, including 13,661 children.

The move will be funded by redistributing the extra Council Tax gathered from new homes built in the borough and better targeting on those seeking to avoid payment.

Camden council will continue with a number of changes including removing the duty on Camden foster carers to pay Council Tax, charging 150% Council Tax on all long term, empty properties and removing the 10% discount for second homes.

“This year, due to an increase in the numbers of properties in the Borough, we have been able to help the poorest working age households in the borough.

“This means we can concentrate our resources on people who can afford to pay, but are not, and will also remove the administration costs related to recovering very small amounts from 11,500 Council Tax payers and free resources to pursue larger debts.

“This will benefit over 15,000 households in Camden and approximately 12,000 will be lifted from having to pay Council Tax altogether.”
Councillor Theo Blackwell, Cabinet member for Finance and Technology Policy

You can read more information on the council’s website