Camden dismayed as revised Crossrail 2 plans threaten council tenants and businesses

Camden Council’s concerns over the future of Euston have intensified after Crossrail 2 plans released in a Transport for London consultation showed that around 130 homes and 17 businesses may be directly affected by its construction.

The new plans show for the first time, 45 homes in the Council-owned Wellesley House as well as 37 homes owned by Origin Housing Association, could be replaced by construction sites, vent shafts and station entrance works. 

The 151-bed Travelodge, businesses on 34-70 Eversholt Street, the Royal George Public House and more than 60 privately-owned homes could also fall victim if plans go ahead in their current form. 

Camden Council supports Crossrail 2 in principle because of the transport benefits that if offers to Camden residents. By reducing congestion on current transport routes the scheme could mean faster and less crowded train and bus journeys for people who live in Camden and better access to employment opportunities. 

However, the Council is deeply disappointed that the expanded construction zone and loss of an additional 71 homes now proposed follows the Government’s and Network Rail’s failure to commit to redeveloping the current Euston Station as part of plans for a terminus for High Speed 2 (HS2).

HS2 tracks are planned to be built in two phases on the western station side of the station until 2033, with no timescale, funding or design for developing the remainder of the current station. 

A commitment to a comprehensive redevelopment of Euston Station, with agencies working together to integrate transport projects, could see Crossrail 2’s station entrances, vent shafts and construction sites incorporated as part of the Euston Station works, sparing Somers Town from much of the potential impact.

Councillor Phil Jones, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Transport and Planning at Camden Council, said: “We’re bitterly disappointed that these latest plans for Crossrail 2 heap unnecessary additional disruption and worry on Camden’s residents and businesses.

“The only reason this is even being proposed is due to the disarray of the current plans for Euston where there is no plan to rebuild the current decaying station despite the arrival of HS2 there.

“Transport for London want to build much of their Crossrail 2 infrastructure inside a brand new Euston Station given it would be much better for passengers and the local area. However, they have now come up with this inadequate alternative as the direct result of the current failings at Euston.

“Integrating Crossrail 2 with a comprehensive Euston Station redevelopment is the only way to avoid more unacceptable loss of homes and businesses in Somers Town, minimise construction disruption in Camden and create a world-class station with superb connectivity and new on-site homes and jobs."

The Council has produced the Euston Area Plan (EAP) with Transport for London (TfL) and Greater London Authority (GLA) which backs a comprehensive redevelopment of Euston Station that fully integrates with HS2 and Crossrail 2, allowing for an easily accessible station and well-planned over-site development providing up to 3,800 new homes and up to 14,100 new jobs.

Camden residents and business have until Friday 8 January 2016 to have their say on these plans via the Crossrail 2 website. For consultation information in other formats, call 0343 222 0055.

Notes to editors

Crossrail 2 (previously known as the Chelsea-Hackney line) is a proposed new rail line that would connect the north east of London with the South West. It is being promoted by Transport for London (TfL) and Network Rail as a key long-term project to address transport capacity issues. The scheme would include new Crossrail 2 stations at Euston-St Pancras and at Tottenham Court Road. Further information about the scheme can be found on the dedicated website: www.crossrail2.co.uk