Camden cracks down on littering

Camden cracks down on littering to ensure residents and visitors can enjoy a cleaner borough.

Camden, in partnership with NSL, have been busy issuing fines against littering perpetrators.

The NSL pilot scheme began in March 2018 and has resulted in 4501 littering fines, as well as 115 successful prosecutions for unpaid fines.

Camden’s enforcement team continue to educate residents and businesses on how to manage their rubbish. There were 2303 waste and fly-tipping fines issued in the past year for breaches, and 286 successful prosecutions.

Money raised from fines is reinvested back into the service and the community to help improve the local environment quality developing frontline services and delivering education campaigns.

Officers have issued fines for a range of offences, including trade waste and domestic fly tipping, residential bags left on streets and depositing litter on highways.

Alongside enforcing fines, our Clean Camden campaign continues to focus on reducing negative behaviour through education, by raising awareness across the borough about how to dispose of litter and waste responsibly.

To promote positive behaviour the community was engaged in litter picks and other community clean-up events, which enabled residents to achieve positive and lasting changes in their local area, such as planting community gardens.

Councillor Adam Harrison, Cabinet Member for Improving Camden's Environment
“We are dedicated to keeping Camden a clean and safe borough, and are determined to make sure anyone caught littering is made to pay the price. But enforcement is not the only way to make a change. We have also been working closely with the community to help educate residents and businesses about what their responsibility is when it comes to their own waste, and how to properly dispose of it.

“The more residents, businesses and visitors to the borough understand about waste responsibility, the less likely anyone is to become a litterer and the result is a better, cleaner Camden.”
Councillor Adam Harrison, Cabinet Member for Improving Camden's Environment