Camden Council’s mission to rejuvenate its community street markets

Residents are invited to share their views on Camden’s street markets to ensure these vital local community spaces continue to thrive and grow.

The council, in partnership with Hemingway Design, will conduct a research project into Camden’s markets, with a specific focus on Inverness Street, Queens Crescent and Chalton Street Markets.

The survey will ask Camden locals and market users how they shop, what they expect from their markets, and how they would like to see them improved.

We are asking residents and visitors to our markets to fill in our online survey: until Friday 28 of December 2018. Feedback from the survey will be presented to the council including development proposals of how the markets could look in the future. A final report will be available on the council’s website in the beginning of next year

The council and Hemingway Design’s goal is to ensure that the markets continue to support independent local businesses and remain a space for the community to meet, work and shop.

To take part in the survey visit

For more information, please contact Camden Markets Team at or follow us on Twitter @CamdenMarkets