Camden council welcomes a major finding to consult on a new tourism levy

Camden council today (Friday 27 January 2017) welcomed a major finding of the London Finance Commission to consult on a new tourism levy.

“Camden Council is cited as supporting the power for London to introduce a tourism or hotel levy to fund local services. 

“Camden argued that funding could be used to help the borough keep streets clean in busiest areas and also to boost London’s cultural offer to those visitors. In addition, it was thought that this would enable co-investment in skills provision: “[…] that would improve firms’ productivity, increase the number and quality of apprenticeships in the sector, and develop clear progression pathways for low-income workers”. 

“The Commission also agreed with Camden recommendations about Council Tax reform, giving Camden, not Whitehall, full powers over Council Tax to improve the fairness of the system. For example by removing the ceiling on Council Tax bands which solely benefits owners of the most expensive properties in the borough.”
Councillor Theo Blackwell, Cabinet member for Finance and Technology Policy