Camden Council to introduce Pedicab fines


Following approval at last night’s Cabinet meeting, Camden Council has agreed to issue fixed penalty notices to Pedicab operators who cause Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) in the Borough.

Councillor Jonathan Simpson, Cabinet Member for Community Safety said:

“We know that significant and recurring anti-social behaviour associated with pedicabs is an important issue for our community’s residents and businesses, who have regularly raised their concerns with the Council and the Police.”

The ASB includes noise disturbance late at night or in the early hours of the morning as well as other issues around the use of amplified music, noise generated when touting for business, disturbance caused by people when using pedicabs, dangerous riding, verbal abuse and swearing from operators and customers. The people who use pedicabs at these times are in turn often unknowingly getting into unlicensed vehicles and as a result could be making themselves vulnerable.

Councillor Simpson continued: “Because of ongoing problem and the fact that previous repeated attempts to regulate the pedicab industry have been unsuccessful we invited views about how we should tackle the issue. The responses received showed that the majority supported our proposals to take action.

“Out of 676 responses 69% of respondents had experienced ASB associated with pedicabs and 73% were in support of the proposal to introduce a PSPO to tackle the problem.”

The Council has made use of Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) to address this behaviour in the borough at specific times and in identified locations. If a related PSPO is breached, the result will be punishable through the issuing of a fixed penalty notice to the value of £100 or on summary conviction by a maximum fine of £1000.

Enforcement will be undertaken by police officers and accredited council officers. All prosecutions would be taken forward by the council.