Camden Council reassures Globe Lawn Tennis Club members

Commenting on incorrect rumour that Camden Council is planning on allowing the Globe Lawn Tennis Club land to be developed, Councillor Phil Jones, Camden Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Transport said:

“The tennis club is a marvellous facility, which their members use to keep fit and enjoy tennis. We are committed to encouraging sport and outside activity in Camden and it is normal practice to include a break clause in leases with voluntary groups who use council-owned land, and the tennis club is no different.

“Camden Council has supported Globe Lawn Tennis Club for a number of years with very reasonable rents and we’re happy to continue to doing so under this new arrangement.

"As with any other property or land owned by the taxpayer and used for sport or community purposes, any future plans would be discussed fully with the Club and the community.”


For information:

A high level study was done when we received the club’s application for a new lease. This was to gauge whether or not a granting a new lease is the right option for the property. This is normal practice and we have to continually review the use and development potential for all of our assets as we discharge our fiduciary duty in relation to our property assets.

A meeting took place between the council, the Tennis Club and their respective surveyors and solicitors on 24 May and as far as the council is aware, all matters relating to the terms of the new lease were agreed and documents have been prepared on that basis.  The council is keen to increase community use of the facility.