Camden Council reaction to High Court judgement on Senior Coroner for Inner North London's burial policy

A Camden Council spokesman said: “We support today’s ruling which backs the rights of our residents who hold specific religious beliefs and the need for a coronial service that adapts to recognise these. The North London Coroner’s ‘Cab Rank’ queue system is unacceptable and outdated – and we hope today marks the start of new working practices and ways of thinking.

“In Camden we’re proud of our diversity and the variety of people who live here. We want a coronial service tailored to our communities’ needs, starting with a more responsive service including an out of hours offer and a move towards non-invasive post-mortem techniques. A coronial service must comply with equality legislation but, more than that, it must demonstrate sensitivity and compassion for every single grieving family.”

The High Court judgement can be viewed here.