Camden Council launches consultation on Voluntary and Community Sector support

Camden Council has launched a consultation on one of the largest packages of Voluntary and Community Sector support in the UK. The consultation will look at the way the Council will support Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) organisations in the future. 

The Council has worked with organisations to design a proposal representing one of the largest packages of investment and support anywhere in the UK. At 7 years, it would also offer many organisations a length of funding rarely seen, particularly in the current financial context.

Camden Council is one of the most generous funders of the voluntary sector in the country. It is set to spend £5.1 million directly on the sector next year and, in total, uses £37 million – some 16 per cent of its budget – on voluntary sector grants and commissioning services. However, due to financial pressures, the authority needs to make savings of £700,000.

Cllr Sally Gimson, cabinet member for adult social care and health, said:

“Whether it is the family whose benefits have been sanctioned and needs food, or a resident who is isolated with mental health problems, the voluntary sector in Camden is there serving the community. They play a vital role, and we will continue to support them.

“We are, however, all facing massive financial challenges into the future, and we need to look at new ways of doing things. The proposals put forward as part of this consultation come from long conversations with local charities and community centres about how we can do the best for residents.

“We’re confident we’ve arrived at a package of investment that will target the most vulnerable, but we still want to hear views before a final decision is taken in December.”

The council’s key proposals include creating two pots of money. One of these is designed to target funding to communities of the borough with the highest levels of need and deprivation, whilst the other – called Community Impact – would amount to up to £1 million and bring together the combined resources of the VCS, Council, health and private sector partners to tackle ingrained problems.

The consultation, which will close on 4 November, can be found at


 Notes to Editor

1. Camden Council has saved £93 million over the last four years, but additional cuts to government funding alongside other social pressures – such as increases to the cost of living – have resulted in further budget pressures. To address this, the authority has agreed savings of £75 million, to be delivered by 2017/18. 2. Earlier this year the council worked with VCS organisations to arrive at a propsal the proposal for future support. An overview of responses can be viewed at 3. Further details of the proposals can be found in the attached document on page 8.