Camden Council asks Cartmel residents about HS2 Ltd's Hampstead Road Bridge proposal

Camden Council is asking residents living closest to Hampstead Road Bridge if they would want to stay in their homes if HS2 Ltd continues with their latest proposal to increase the road level by up to 4.2 metres. The results of the survey will help the Council understand the views of residents so that they can be represented in future negotiations with HS2 Ltd.

HS2 Ltd published their revised proposal for Hampstead Road Bridge on 22 July, which showed only a small potential reduction (between 0.5 and 1 metre) in the height of the bridge they originally proposed last September in Additional Provision 3. The new proposal was part of a study HS2 Ltd committed to in December and would still see a road level increase of between 3.7 and 4.2 metres, down from 4.7 metres in the original proposal.

The Council is concerned that residents, including those living closest in Cartmel, on the Regent’s Park Estate, were not consulted by HS2 Ltd before the decision was made from the eight options presented in the study, as HS2 Ltd’s proposal would have a significant impact during and after construction.

Another option presented in the study would reduce the height of Hampstead Road Bridge by 0.5 metres, but would also move the bridge approximately 15 metres further away from Euston Station. It could potentially be constructed up to 18 months quicker, with reduce the need for temporary utilities diversions. This option would see Cartmel demolished with residents having to move out. If HS2 Ltd pursued this option the Council would seek further funding for replacement homes for tenants.

The Council will be asking Cartmel residents over the next few weeks if they would want to continue living in their homes if HS2 Ltd continues with their proposal. The Council will use results of the survey to inform its future negotiations with HS2 Ltd, although there are no guarantees that HS2 Ltd will reconsider their option as a result of the survey work.

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