Camden Climate Fund available for residents, communities and businesses

Camden Council is offering its residents, businesses and community groups the opportunity to apply to the Camden Climate Fund to improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and raise awareness of the climate crisis.

The Camden Climate Fund provides residents and businesses the opportunity to apply for grants to improve a property’s energy efficiency and mobilise the community to deliver their own climate action projects.

The funds are available to households, businesses and community groups. The household fund has been recently amended to prioritise the decarbonisation of heat.

Household Energy Efficiency Grant

This grant supports residents to develop “whole house” energy efficiency improvements. It can be used to minimise heat loss from homes through improving insulation and encouraging the installation of low carbon energy sources such as the replacement of boilers with air source heat pumps.

Business Grant

This grant is available for Camden businesses to install renewable technologies and carry out energy efficiency improvements to their buildings to reduce overall energy consumption and carbon emissions. It funds technologies such as solar panels and lighting and low carbon heating upgrades, as well as energy efficiency measures.

Community Energy Grant

Available to community energy groups, this grant allows communities to own, manage and generate renewable energy that brings benefits to the local community.

Community Climate Action Grant

A new grant to help financially mobilise the community to deliver their own climate action projects.

For more information and to apply, visit: Camden climate fund - Camden Council