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Camden children join Caterlink in battle to save oceans

Caterlink, the state education sector catering specialist, has been teaching primary school students in Camden about fish, where they come from and the practice of sustainable fishing, with special lessons hosted in conjunction with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and the London Borough of Camden.At an event organised jointly by Camden Council, MSC and Caterlink, pupils at Primrose Hill School were treated to tastings of sustainably sourced fish, while learning about the journey from ocean to plate and how to make responsible food choices that can help protect fish population generations to come.

Representatives from the MSC’s Fish and Kids programme were on hand to give talks on the dangers of overfishing, while MSC mascot Murdock the Cat and Caterlink’s Jo Jo Crow helped to encourage the children to try something new.

Kevin Hobart – Operations Manager at Caterlink, said: “We believe that educating children about making the right food choices is incredibly important, particularly as eating the right meals can not only make a big difference to their performance in the classroom but also the sustainability of our food chain.

Fish can be a great source of nutrition and we want to get children excited about the food they’re eating and where it comes from.

“Our MSC event has been a great opportunity to get the kids trying new things and learning about different ways of fishing. They particularly enjoyed the chance to try all the different fish we had prepared.”  

Councillor Angela Mason Cabinet Member for Children said we are pleased to be able to partner with Caterlink to offer insightful and interesting events such as this in our schools. 

“Camden has long been a leader in promoting the importance of sustainable food and we will continue to advocate for sustainable food choices in our schools and communities,” Councillor Mason said. 

Robin Warren, Head Teacher at Primrose Hill School said: “The children have been really interested to learn about the oceans. This is an important part of their citizenship work and they’ve really enjoyed finding out about how different fishing techniques impact the oceans, not to mention tasting lots of delicious, healthy fish.”