Camden children and young people take charge

Today (20 November) Camden children and young people are taking over the Council at 5 Pancras Square and the Town Hall – as well as The Observer newspaper in King’s Place.

The activities are organised by Camden Council as part of the Children’s Commissioner’s Takeover Challenge 2015.

Topics for discussion, on which the young people are presenting their ideas to senior Council officers and councillors, include:

  • the future of youth support services
  • police stop and search policy
  • tackling racial and religious discrimination
  • health and technology
  • improving drug and alcohol services for young people.

Takeover Challenge is a national event led by the Children’s Commissioner for England, which gives children and young people the chance to meet local decision-makers and influence future policies and services. Organisations and businesses benefit as they gain a fresh insight into their work by listening to children’s ideas and experience.

Up to 50 young people from Camden secondary schools and youth groups will spend the day here.

Anne Longfield, Children’s Commissioner for England, was also due to join the Takeover Challenge in Camden today. She said: “We can all benefit from getting involved in Takeover Challenge. Children and young people bring fresh ideas, imagination and energy to the roles they take over, and they challenge stereotypes about them that we hear too often. Takeover Challenge gets people to work differently and helps individuals and organisations to understand the needs of children and young people. I am thrilled to see thousands of children, adults and organisations have taken up the challenge and the amazing Takeovers happening in all sectors right across the country.”

Takeover has grown year on year – in 2014 over 44,000 children and 1,200 organisations took part. Children and young people stepped into the shoes of hundreds of high-profile figures including: MPs, Mayors, TV presenters, teachers, chief executives, senior police officers and other professionals in all walks of life.

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