Camden Can – giving Camden residents the chance to live a healthy life and stay a healthy weight

Yesterday, Wednesday 29 November, Camden Council launched an exciting new initiative to tackle the issue of maintaining a healthy weight.

Camden Can is a programme of activities including the Camden Can Innovation Fund and Camden Can Pledge that aim to improve the health of those living and working in the borough.

The innovation fund is looking for new and inventive projects to address the problems of overweight and obesity in Camden. It will be offering grants of up to £25,000 to support groups and organisations that have ideas to help us address the growing rates of overweight and obesity.

We’re also asking businesses and organisations to show their commitment to Camden’s community by making a Camden Can Pledge. Together, these pledges will promote long-term improvements to the health of residents.

Any business, organisation or employer can sign up to the Camden Can Pledge. They can choose how they want to promote healthier eating and increased activity levels in the borough from a list of choices, including:

  • changing the fats and oils used in cooking
  • making free drinking water available
  • providing information on the benefits of physical activity
  • making active travel to work easier.

Councillor Angela Mason, Camden Council’s Cabinet Member for Best Start in Life said:“We are determined to make Camden a place where everyone has the opportunity to eat well and be physically active. At present, 20% of Camden pupils are overweight or obese and at reception and among Year 6 pupils this figure increases to 38%. We hope to motivate our community, local businesses and other organisations to help us improve the health of people in Camden.

“I believe that we can work with our partners and the people of Camden to tackle this health challenge. I hope that businesses and organisations will take the opportunity work with us improve the health of Camden’s community by signing up to the Camden Can Pledge. I am very keen to see the proposals that are put to the Camden Can Innovation Fund.”

Natasha Friend from Camden Giving, which has signed up to the Camden Can Pledge, said:“The Camden Pledge is recognition that employers can have a positive impact on the health of their employers, it’s good for business, it’s good for employees and it’s good for Camden as a borough.”

For more information on any of the Camden Can activities or to register to make a Camden Can Pledge visit: Applications to the innovation fund will open in mid-December.