Camden and Islington set to pilot new police structure

Camden Council and Islington Council will take part in a Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) pilot to merge the two boroughs’ local police services.

The pilot will see an increase in the number of officers dedicated to neighbourhood policing and working with young people. The Metropolitan Police believes it must change how it delivers policing in London to remain operationally effective and meet changing demands.

Camden Council is currently working closely with the MPS and its partners to agree plans for the pilot, which is likely to start in early 2017.


Councillor Sarah Hayward, Leader of Camden Council
“We welcome the Metropolitan Police Service’s proposals to increase the numbers of neighbourhood police officers in Camden and support their new focus on addressing domestic abuse and improving child protection. 

“Our priority is to ensure Camden’s communities continue to receive a responsive and effective police service. 

“We are now working with the Metropolitan Police Service to decide how we will monitor and measure the impact of this trial."
Councillor Sarah Hayward, Leader of Camden Council

The proposed pilot in Camden will include:

  • Increased investment in neighbourhood policing through more Dedicated Ward Officers in the right places, working to local priorities and going above and beyond the Mayor of London’s commitment of two officers per ward.
  • There will also be more police officers dedicated to tackling crime involving young people. These dedicated officers will work to bring together the police, school staff, parents and young people themselves to build good relationships, based on trust and mutual respect, to help reduce crime in Camden.
  • Organising policing services relating to child protection, child sexual exploitation, sexual offences and domestic abuse so that we work in partnership with other agencies to provide the best possible protection to those who suffer or are at risk of these crimes. Police officers from central control will transfer to work in Camden and Islington.

The pilot will see the two boroughs’ police services share a Borough Commander.

The Metropolitan Police has also assured Camden Council that if the pilot does not work, it will be stopped and they will work with both councils to develop alternative proposals.

For more information about the pilot visit the Metropolitan Police’s website.