Camden and Cadent partnership reduces flood risk in South End Green

South End Green is benefitting from improved resilience to the risk of local flooding due to an innovative partnership between the Council, Greater London Authority and Cadent Gas Camden.

Councillor Adam Harrison, Cabinet member for a Sustainable Camden

The climate crisis is here and extreme weather events such as flooding, extreme summer temperatures, and drought, are now occurring more frequently than ever before.

We are committed to improving Camden’s resilience to the climate crisis, and the partnership between Camden, GLA and Cadent Gas, now means that opportunities for improved climate resilience are incorporated into planned utility upgrades.  The partnership project at Parliament Hill helps to lower the risk of flooding through the creation of a new rain garden that will capture rainwater and ease the pressure on the local Thames Water sewer network during periods of intense rainfall.

By cross-referencing GLA data on planned utility works in Camden with flood risk data, it was clear that this location provided a great opportunity for the coordinated installation of the rain garden.

These works were undertaken with minimal disruption as we aligned our programme with Cadent, who were replacing metal gas mains at the same time, saving 21 days of possible disruption.

Councillor Adam Harrison, Cabinet member for a Sustainable Camden

The climate crisis is increasing the risk of extreme weather events. In July 2022, the UK experienced a record-breaking heatwave that saw London's temperature hit 40° for the first time on record. In July 2021 and in 2022, Camden was also subject to major flooding affecting homes and businesses after periods of intense rainfall.

We want to help our communities to be resilient to climate risks by providing advice and guidance, we also want to explain how we plan to protect Council services, buildings and infrastructure.

Councillor Harrison continued:

“Last year we asked residents, "How ready are we for a changing climate?", to better understand our communities’ experiences of extreme weather events.

“This information was invaluable in the development of our first Climate Adaptation and Resilience Plan which was published late last year.

“The plan sets out how we will help to build a climate resilient Camden by ensuring that Council and other statutory services are as resilient as possible. The plan also provides advice and guidance on how the Camden community can better prepare for extreme weather events.”