Camden Alive partners up with artists to bring resident stories to life

Camden is teaming up with augmented reality (AR) experts, visual artists and performers to bring to life the stories of Camden and its residents as part of Camden Alive.

In 2018 the council was awarded the Mayor of London’s Cultural Impact Award as part of the London Borough of Culture competition for Camden Alive, which will celebrate Camden’s history and diversity.

Camden is excited to announce its partnership with London-based immersive technology company Arcade, who plan to transform some of the borough's streets into ‘playable places’, using digital technologies like augmented reality to share and celebrate the vibrant, rich stories of the borough.

Arcade will be challenging the preconceptions of what a museum really is – instead of a physical walled building, Camden People’s Museum will have no walls, no entry fees, and it will exist entirely in the world around residents and visitors. This will allow residents and visitors the ability to experience the museum either in person or remotely.

Artist and writer Scottee will be bringing his extraordinary creativity, showmanship and energy to a collaborative artwork alongside residents that will transform the way in which people view the place they live. By showcasing artworks, objects and stories a neighbourhood will become an open-to-all art gallery celebrating the ideas, thoughts and feelings of residents.

Camden will also be collaborating with the Camden People’s Theatre (CPT), artists Beats & Elements and residents in Camden to present High Rise eState of Mind. They will work with residents throughout the year, to create new performance-based artwork which explore and present their stories and ideas.

“We are very excited about these new partnerships. Camden Alive is building momentum and with the help of artists, digital technology experts and musicians the stories and history of Camden and its residents will be brought to life.”
Councillor Jonathan Simpson, Cabinet Member for Promoting Culture and Communities