Cabinet agree community-led redevelopment of 31 Daleham Gardens

The Council’s Cabinet have voted for a proposal that could see the sale of 31 Daleham Gardens to a Community Land Trust (CLT), which will deliver much needed affordable housing to the local area and see local residents lead on the redevelopment of the site.

Community Land Trusts are non-profit organisations that are set up and run by local people to oversee the development and management of homes. They aim to ensure that homes meet local housing need, that they are affordable to local people and remain affordable for future generations.

It is expected that a CLT redevelopment will deliver 14 environmentally-friendly new homes at Daleham Gardens, up to 10 of which would be genuinely affordable. Profits will be invested back into the scheme helping to improve the affordability and quality of the homes.

The council is also eligible to receive a £284,000 grant from the Greater London Authority (GLA), which will be invested directly into a CLT redevelopment at Daleham Gardens.

“A community-led approach represents an exciting opportunity to empower the local community to lead directly on the redevelopment of 31 Daleham Gardens – putting the future of the site firmly into their hands and supporting them to step into the role of the developer.

“Camden prides itself on delivering new homes in collaboration with our residents - this is a fundamental approach to our Community Investment Programme and a CLT offers yet another innovative approach and an exciting new way to support the delivery of more affordable homes for Camden residents, while tackling overcrowding and helping residents to put down roots in their communities.

“By bringing residents together – tapping into their invaluable local knowledge and expertise - we hope to enable a shared vision and legacy for Daleham Gardens with homes that are high quality, sustainable, genuinely affordable and that will meet the needs of residents now and for years to come.”
Councillor Danny Beales, Cabinet Member for Investing in Communities, Culture and an Inclusive Economy

31 Daleham Gardens has been vacant since November 2017 when a fire caused significant damage to the building and one person tragically lost their life.

The full Cabinet paper is available to read here.