Business Continuity Awareness Week 2017

Cyber security is top focus for the awareness week, which runs from 15 to 19 May

Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW) encourages businesses to review how they would keep their business operating during a disruption, such as a sudden loss of access to the office building, an IT failure or a transport strike. This year’s BCAW focuses on understanding and protecting businesses against online threats, currently the most significant business risk.

Cyber-attacks and data breaches cost organisations billions of pounds every year. As the world becomes more digitally-led that figure is likely to go up. Incidents are increasing globally and are unpredictable, sometimes going undetected for months or years. There are many different types of cyber-attacks, including social engineering and phishing. Similarly, the people and organisations who carry them out have different motivations, including for money or political ideals.

Cyber-attacks target the weakest links of an organisation, so knowing your weaknesses, raising awareness and testing recovery plans are essential to security and corporate governance. Business Continuity can help identify where your business is vulnerable and how to limit losses if an attack does happen.

Educating your employees about cybercrime and putting in place the right solutions is key to making your business more resilient against threats. Because the nature of the threats can be so diverse, it’s important that responses remain flexible. Planning to recover from a data breach is very different from planning for the aftermath of a terrorist attack, for instance.

To help you understand and prepare for cybercrimes:

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