Bringing the generations together

From cooking and dancing to a film session; community groups in Camden have organised a series of events from 9 to 17 May to celebrate the ever greater contribution towards our society by older people by showcasing the work being done to bring residents of different age groups together.

Camden Intergenerational Week 2015 aims to encourage everyone to rethink their attitude to ageing and focus on what people can do as opposed to what they can’t.

Designed by a partnership of about 40 Camden groups and organisations, including Camden Council, it involves an array of mostly free events, activities and programmes that will attract a variety of age groups.

Intergenerational Week 2015 follows on from a successful a pilot week in 2013 involving 34 organisations. It was so successful that those involved wanted it to happen again.

Cllr Pat Callaghan, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health
“Older people are contributing more to our society than ever before, and this week of events is designed to celebrate that.

“Ultimately we want to create a borough where people of all ages can live well and play an active role in their community.

“Bringing younger and older people together is a great way of doing just that.”
Cllr Pat Callaghan, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health
Camden Mayor Cllr Lazzaro Pietragnoli
Bringing different generations together in Camden is important because it breaks down barriers and creates stronger communities.

“Intergenerational work doesn’t just happen once a year – it happens all year round, it helps different people to get know each other and this week will show off the work we are doing to bring the generations together.”
Camden Mayor Cllr Lazzaro Pietragnoli

Over the last decade Camden has had the highest growth in over 65’s (12.7%) in London, with 2013 estimates putting the number at around 26,200. Of these, according to the Ageing Better in Camden partnership, there are roughly 10,000 pensioners in Camden who are living alone, and are vulnerable to social isolation.