Brent and Camden join forces to clean up Kilburn High Road

Recently enforcement officers from Camden and Brent Council came together for their first joint clean-up of Kilburn High Road.

As one of the busiest roads in the borough, with a large daytime footfall and bustling night-time economy, Kilburn High Road is a known fly-tipping hotspot and often receives high levels of litter.

Because the road is on the border between Camden and Brent, each with different cleaning schedules, it has sometimes been difficult to keep the road looking clean on both sides at the same time.

The two Councils agreed to take a joint approach, and work together to tackle enviro-crime with a joint clean-up.

Over the course of the morning the two boroughs issued 36 enforcement notices for a range of waste related issues to both businesses and residents.

As well as speaking to businesses in the area to remind them of the correct way to dispose of their business waste, the council has also been reminding residents how to put out their rubbish to make sure it’s collected, how to get hold of Camden-branded rubbish bags and how to get rid of bulky waste.

Councillor Adam Harrison, Cabinet Member for Improving Camden's Environment
“Joint working between boroughs is essential to clamping down on individuals and businesses that abuse the public space by not disposing of rubbish and recyclable material properly. This is especially true along the Kilburn High Road where local councillors and residents have pointed out a variety of issues to me this year.”
Councillor Adam Harrison, Cabinet Member for Improving Camden's Environment

Brent Councillor Neil Nerva, Queens Park Ward, approached the teams at work to say how happy he was seeing Brent and Camden officers working together.

Camden officers agreed that both teams felt the operation was useful to share ideas and intelligence as Camden’s unauthorised waste is often found in Brent and vice versa.

Find out how to put our your rubbish, report a fly-tip or graffiti, get bulky waste items collected and more: