Big step forward for Camden’s ambitious plan for new council homes and jobs

Camden Council’s Cabinet has given local people the power to have their say on what their community needs in an ambitious redevelopment plan for Camley Street.

At a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday evening, the Council gave the go-ahead for residents and businesses to help shape the way forward on redeveloping their community to address their needs.

Now the community will get to build a new neighbourhood, with plans to build hundreds of new homes where there currently are no homes at all. A key commitment is that these will include at least half as social and living rents. This makes Camley Street Camden’s most ambitious plan for community-led development.

The proposals will respond to local priorities, including the need to build safer and better connected streets, as well as more open and green spaces for families.

There are more local jobs and spaces for businesses in the plans. Partnerships with the community are a key part, with the Council helping to support local people while they make the decisions about what their community needs from redevelopment.

Putting the community first

The Council continued its commitment to putting the community first when it comes to new development in local areas.

The proposals, which include large numbers of much-need council homes, set out that the affordable homes will be the first thing that the Council builds for residents.

There are also plans to build Camden Living Rent homes to help teachers, nurses and other key workers afford lower-cost housing and be part of the community.

Built by Camden, for Camden

Camden has made Camley Street an entirely council-owned redevelopment too, unlike many other local authority developments across the UK.

There will be no private developer managing the building works so the community can be sure that they will deliver on local priorities together with the Council.

Camden’s plans will also increase business space by up to 50%. Working in partnership with local employers, the Council aims to develop new industrial workshops, spaces to make and create as well as enabling an expansion of the Knowledge Quarter to further boost local jobs.

This will be vital in providing jobs, including opportunities for local people to access employment through apprenticeship, placements and training.


Councillor Danny Beales, Cabinet Member for Investing in Communities and an Inclusive Economy
“Our shared vision with the community is incredibly ambitious and with the housing crisis and a desperate need for more decent paid local jobs, we need to be. We’re inviting residents and businesses from the local area to help shape the way forward with us on how to rebuild Camley Street.

“We want all local residents to challenge us and to come forward to tell us what they want to see improved in the area where they live.

“We are working together with Camley Street Neighbourhood Forum too and look forward to building on our relationship to fully realise a shared vision that works for the community.”
Councillor Danny Beales, Cabinet Member for Investing in Communities and an Inclusive Economy

Benefits across the borough

This approach to building our communities is part of Camden’s Community Investment Programme, which is building over 1,100 new council homes and 300 Camden Living Rent homes in the borough, along with new schools, community centres and facilities to support older people and people with disabilities.

Over 850 homes have been delivered through the Community Investment Programme so far, as well as schools and community spaces, with schemes picking up an array of design awards along the way.

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