Benefit cap changes will impact our most vulnerable residents

Over 800 households in Camden will be affected by the Government’s reduction in the benefit cap beginning on 7 November 2016.

The maximum amount existing capped households can receive will be reduced to £442 per week for couples and households with children, and to £296 per week for single claimants.

Councillor Larraine Revah, Cabinet Member for Equalities and Employment
This reduction in benefits is the worst thing that Government can do to the poorest people in our community. Living in central London is not affordable for these families as it is, and this reduction could push many people out of their homes.

Government is making it nearly impossible, but we are committed to keeping people in the borough and maintaining Camden’s important social mix. Those affected by the reduction know the changes are coming and we are supporting them as much as we can by developing individual plans. Some of our plans involve working with partners and businesses to increase access to employment, skill-building and childcare.
Councillor Larraine Revah, Cabinet Member for Equalities and Employment

The benefit cap, a reduction in the total amount of benefits non-working households can receive, was first introduced in Camden in November 2013. The cap set the maximum benefit payable at £500 per week for couples and families and £350 per week for single claimants. These numbers will now be reduced to £442 per week and £296 per week, respectively. People qualifying for working tax credit and higher level disability benefits are exempt.

Overall, the Welfare Reform and Work Act, enacted in March 2016, coupled with budget announcements earlier this year, will negatively impact many Camden residents over the coming year. The most imminent change is the benefit cap.

Council staff are contacting impacted households directly to discuss individual plans.

For more information on how Camden is responding to welfare changes, visit: