Adult social care consultations close Sunday 9 April

Camden residents are urged to have their say about proposed changes to adult social care services in the borough before our consultations close this week.

Faced with greatly reduced government funding, and a growing and ageing population, Camden Council is rethinking how we deliver social care. We are consulting on day services and centres and financial contributions (paying for care). Both consultations close at midnight on Sunday, 9 April 2017.

Day services and centres:

Fewer people are using our day centres and many of our centres offer similar activities and services, which doesn’t represent a good use of Council money. Under our proposals day services will be maintained but for some people, their current service will be provided in a different building.

We are proposing to develop two specialist services in the borough - one for older people, including those living with dementia, at the Kingsgate Resource Centre in Kilburn, and one for adults with learning disabilities and mental health needs at the new Greenwood Centre, in Kentish Town, when it opens in 2018.

Financial contributions to the cost of care or support:

If a person has sufficient income or wealth, they may be asked to contribute or to pay in full for their social care. We want to make sure that our policy is in line with national policy and guidance, and other local authorities, and that it is fair to all residents who pay.

We have already taken the difficult decision to increase council tax to help bridge the gap between rising demand for social care and available funding. This will help us maintain services to residents who need them most and help avert a crisis of social care funding in the longer term.

We want to create social care services that reflect how people live now, focusing on their strengths and potential, not just the barriers they face, so they can live full, active lives in their local communities. At the same time, we will continue to support those with the most complex needs and will prioritise protecting people from harm.

Cllr Georgia Gould, Cabinet Member for Young People, Adults and Health
"We are facing unprecedented spending pressures as our population grows and ages and the cost of living continues to increase.  We need to act now to reduce the impact in Camden.  The proposals we are now consulting on are part of a wider reform of our adult social care services to make sure we are using the money we have where we can help people the most. 

"Our plans to create two specialist day services alongside our voluntary sector provision in the borough will help us better support older people and those with disabilities.  Our plans to alter our contributions policy so it is in line with Government guidance will also help to ensure that we treat those who pay for some or all of their care fairly and equally.

“We now want to ask for your feedback.  In these difficult times I believe that working together is more important than ever.  Please tell us what you think.”
Cllr Georgia Gould, Cabinet Member for Young People, Adults and Health