Abbey area regeneration exhibition

The exhibition takes place tomorrow from 3pm to 8pm at Abbey Community Centre.

Whether you live in the area or just interested in the development, you’re invited to view and comment on proposals for phase two and three of the Abbey area project.

At the exhibition you will have the opportunity to view:

  • New building design proposals
  • Landscape proposals
  • Proposed parking changes, including Snowman and Casterbridge resident parking
  • New locations for the community centre, medical centre and Abbey co-op office

The exhibition will take place on Thursday 2 July, from 3pm to 8pm at Abbey Community Centre, 222c Belsize Road, NW6 4DJ.

The whole development will deliver 241 new homes, with almost half of the space for affordable housing. There will also be a new community centre and health centre, as well as shops, commercial facilities and improvements to the open space.

The project is part of the Community Investment Programme, a 15 year plan to invest money in schools, homes and community facilities.

For more information visit camden.gov.uk/abbeyarea