9 to 20 October is Clean Camden fortnight

Clean Camden is back. We’ll be working with Keep Britain Tidy to remind people that it is a ‘Crime not to Care’ about your waste.

We’ll be at the following locations, talking to residents about fly-tipping:

  • Leather Lane market on 11 October
  • the junction of West End Lane and Iverson Road on 17 October
  • Inverness Street market on 18 October.

Do come and see us.

There will be extra fly-tipping patrols during Clean Camden fortnight and we will be targeting known fly-tipping hotspots.

Councillor Adam Harrison, Cabinet Member for Improving Camden's Environment, said:

“Flytippers are antisocial individuals doing harm to our community. They need to be held responsible for their actions. Camden council will take repeat offenders to court. Local residents can help by reporting flytips via the Clean Camden app or calling 020 7974 4444."

Many people fly-tip without realising they are committing a crime. Did you know that if you arrange for someone else to remove your waste and they then fly-tip your rubbish, by law you are responsible? It’s important to ensure that any rubbish you get rid of doesn’t end up being fly-tipped. If you see a bag of fly-tipped rubbish in the street and add to it, you’re fly-tipping. In fact, any rubbish left in the wrong place or at the wrong time is fly-tipping.

Call us to arrange a bulky waste collection to make sure you don’t get caught by an unregulated company. If you want to get rid of furniture that’s in good condition, visit our website to arrange for Bright Sparks to collect it.

Download our Clean Camden app to report fly-tipping from